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Our wedding at Solstice Creek Ranch marked the beginning of something truly special, not just for our venue but for our lives together. Today, we are blessed with three wonderful children, Ellinore, Chase, and Harlee, and a beautiful marriage and family that we cherish dearly.

We first met while serving in the Air Force, and from our very first date, we bonded over our shared love of the great Alaskan outdoors, flying, snowboarding, hunting, four-wheeling, farm animals, bringing people together, food, and real estate investing are just a few of the many activities we enjoy together with our children. In fact, they are always thrilled to see the beautiful Princess and handsome Prince get married at their barn, sometimes even with a horse-drawn carriage!

After 12 years of active duty, Chase left the Air Force, and Dominique spent nine years in the Alaska Air National Guard. When they both separated from the service, Dominique pursued her passion for real estate, becoming a licensed Realtor at Park Realty Alaska - Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group. Her first listing was a rustic 1977 barn that captured Chase's heart. They worked tirelessly to transform the barn from something old and beautiful but overgrown with weeds and trees into something truly spectacular. They leveled the dirt, removed rocks, planted grass seeds, and hand-rolled sod to create the stunning ceremony area that leads up to the pond. They also dusted cobwebs, built stairs into the loft, and put their own blood, sweat, and tears into the barn to prepare it for their wedding day.

Thanks to the help of family and friends, their beautiful wedding was a success, featuring rustic décor and a focus on the barn's transformation into a magical wedding venue. It was such a special way to start their lives together that they decided to share it with others. The barn officially became Solstice Creek Ranch, a beloved wedding venue for couples looking for a rustic and charming setting.

With over two decades of combined military service, we bring unique skills and experience to the table. Chase's military work ethic, event coordination, and leadership skills, along with his associate's degree, complement Dominique's Bachelor's degree in Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate and Property Management and a Minor in German. After separating from the military, Chase opened Solstice Creek Ranch, which Dominique now helps him manage alongside her career as a full-time licensed Realtor in Alaska.

We are excited to share our beloved venue with you, as we know it will hold a special place in your hearts, just as it does in ours.